Hello, all! As I hope you’ve seen, there has been a new billboard put up in place of the first, presumably from the previous public statements’ same authors.

This is a wonderful win for our message: we were heard, we were felt, and when we went high, their message dropped even lower. Indeed, this should empower you in regard to how a little bit of noise, discussion, and rallying together can cause a stir. I urge you to let this beginning of a wonderful retaliation on our part to get our slogan out in the world. I say to anyone who has lashed back at our positive, progressive attitudes, feel what you will: we will keep working to promote equality, and we still welcome conversation.

As we’ve mentioned, the issues we are protesting extend far beyond – and were loud on their own before – the billboard’s existence. The billboard and it’s associated pushback has served to prove that what we protest is alive and well. We are fueled by the backlash to stand even taller for our message of equality and respect.

General Update: We are holding a community paneled discussion on the existence of sexism and minority group marginalization in American society, the conflicting views that were brought forth in the last weeks. We invite anyone involved in the billboard events to contact us about potentially being a part of that panel. You can email RealPeopleBillboard@gmail.com

We are currently choosing a billboard design for our slogan, and reserving the space for our billboard, which will read, “People of Quality Don’t Fear Equality.”


REVEALING OUR CHOSEN SLOGAN: “People of Quality Don’t Fear Equality”

Hello everyone! Out of 877 votes this past week, 176 (20%) of you selected this as our new slogan for the new billboard that will be up on Bus. I-40 just as soon as we can raise the necessary funds:

People of Quality Don’t Fear Equality.

Wonderfully, this is a message that doesn’t just answer to the sentiment highlighted by the original billboard, it also serves as a terrific stand-alone message for equality, in general, across all groups and victims of un-equal mindsets of all sorts.

For this reason especially, we are pleased to assure you that the campaign created by Susan Gregg Koger (founder of ModCloth) and us will not only continue to fund the billboard put up locally, but we intend to replicate this very same billboard and have it placed in numerous locations around the country.

There will be an official website very shortly, announcing our ongoing campaign to use this message again and again, long after the original billboard ceases to be. In the meantime, please continue to share the link to our fundraiser so we can get the ball rolling on this new billboard, as quickly as possible.

In addition, we want to thank everyone who submitted slogans, both at the event on Sunday and from afar. There were so many wonderful messages given, but far too many to include in the poll, as it would have diluted the response too severely. Thus, we selected just over twenty, which were selected based on how related to the original billboard’s specific sentiment. Don’t worry! All of the terrific slogans created will be screen-printed on patches, mass produced, and distributed to humanist organizations all over the country. Our team is dedicated to making these efforts, and especially, your words a movement that will continue on and on and on.
Please continue to share the fundraiser link:




“We are protesting patriarchy and sexism, and that this antiquated way of thinking about women exists at all. We are protesting the implied demand that women be silent and appreciate, regardless of whatever circumstances, their role as non-providers, or “less-providers” in this society…we are protesting a male patriarchal system that continually places members of our society who are not male, white, participating in the institution of marriage, or heterosexual in subservient categories, with stigmas and stereotypes that depict them as less worthy humans – less ‘Real’.”




You can only vote once. These are the narrowed down slogans for the NEW billboard we will put up on Business I-40.

We will close this poll on THURSDAY and will have narrowed the choices to five. The chosen slogan from those five will be the final choice.

These selected slogans were narrowed down from over 50, made by people in attendance at Sunday’s rally. They were narrowed based upon their relevance to and commentary on/nod to the verbiage used in the original billboard, and/or audience reaction when the final list was read out loud at the event. ALL remaining slogans will be screen-printed on patches, tee shirts, or made into buttons, and distributed to humanist organizations around the country as we raise money to do so. We will update this page and and all media outlets when we schedule a plan to do so.

Please continue to share the fundraiser link, headed up by ModCloth founder Susan Gregg Koger. There is a link on the home page of this site.

Event Details

Merschel Plaza. 11am on Sunday February 25th. Guest speakers to begin at 12pm.

Merschel Plaza is located at 4th and Trade in Downtown Winston-Salem, NC.

This billboard is new and currently standing on West Bound Business I-40, headed into Winston -Salem from Kernersville.

On Sunday we have a public demonstration expressing our feelings about why this is offensive. If you are a woman or man who feels this is a harmful message, please consider joining us..

Here are the details of how the public demonstration opposing the Billboard on Business I-40 will work. Please share and SHOW UP! 💪🏼💪🏽💪🏾
We will be creating, together, a huge collection of ALTERNATIVE BILLBOARDS with alternative, POSITIVE slogans.

We Do Not Accept This Message

There is a billboard up over I-40 Westbound that reads “Real men provide real women appreciate it”. As women and men, as parents, as humanitarians, as humans: we do not accept this message.

We are gathering to peacefully demonstrate that we do not accept this message. One’s “realness” is not determined by archaic gender roles. We are protesting what that sign represents, with better signs.

This is not about the person who paid for the sign and their freedom of speech. This is about delivering a message that perpetuates the concept that women should silently appreciate their role, regardless of the circumstances. This is about what this message does to children — both boys and girls — when they hear adults agreeing with it.

There has been an incredible amount of resistance towards the individuals using their voices to speak up and say “No, I won’t stand for that.” The sign itself isn’t the metaphor but the misogynistic hatred spewed towards those using their voices has only reiterated why this demonstration is so important.