There is a billboard up over I-40 Westbound that reads “Real men provide real women appreciate it”. As women and men, as parents, as humanitarians, as humans: we do not accept this message.

We are gathering to peacefully demonstrate that we do not accept this message. One’s “realness” is not determined by archaic gender roles. We are protesting what that sign represents, with better signs.

This is not about the person who paid for the sign and their freedom of speech. This is about delivering a message that perpetuates the concept that women should silently appreciate their role, regardless of the circumstances. This is about what this message does to children — both boys and girls — when they hear adults agreeing with it.

There has been an incredible amount of resistance towards the individuals using their voices to speak up and say “No, I won’t stand for that.”┬áThe sign itself isn’t the metaphor but the misogynistic hatred spewed towards those using their voices has only reiterated why this demonstration is so important.



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