Hello everyone! Out of 877 votes this past week, 176 (20%) of you selected this as our new slogan for the new billboard that will be up on Bus. I-40 just as soon as we can raise the necessary funds:

People of Quality Don’t Fear Equality.

Wonderfully, this is a message that doesn’t just answer to the sentiment highlighted by the original billboard, it also serves as a terrific stand-alone message for equality, in general, across all groups and victims of un-equal mindsets of all sorts.

For this reason especially, we are pleased to assure you that the campaign created by Susan Gregg Koger (founder of ModCloth) and us will not only continue to fund the billboard put up locally, but we intend to replicate this very same billboard and have it placed in numerous locations around the country.

There will be an official website very shortly, announcing our ongoing campaign to use this message again and again, long after the original billboard ceases to be. In the meantime, please continue to share the link to our fundraiser so we can get the ball rolling on this new billboard, as quickly as possible.

In addition, we want to thank everyone who submitted slogans, both at the event on Sunday and from afar. There were so many wonderful messages given, but far too many to include in the poll, as it would have diluted the response too severely. Thus, we selected just over twenty, which were selected based on how related to the original billboard’s specific sentiment. Don’t worry! All of the terrific slogans created will be screen-printed on patches, mass produced, and distributed to humanist organizations all over the country. Our team is dedicated to making these efforts, and especially, your words a movement that will continue on and on and on.
Please continue to share the fundraiser link:





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