Hello, all! As I hope you’ve seen, there has been a new billboard put up in place of the first, presumably from the previous public statements’ same authors.

This is a wonderful win for our message: we were heard, we were felt, and when we went high, their message dropped even lower. Indeed, this should empower you in regard to how a little bit of noise, discussion, and rallying together can cause a stir. I urge you to let this beginning of a wonderful retaliation on our part to get our slogan out in the world. I say to anyone who has lashed back at our positive, progressive attitudes, feel what you will: we will keep working to promote equality, and we still welcome conversation.

As we’ve mentioned, the issues we are protesting extend far beyond – and were loud on their own before – the billboard’s existence. The billboard and it’s associated pushback has served to prove that what we protest is alive and well. We are fueled by the backlash to stand even taller for our message of equality and respect.

General Update: We are holding a community paneled discussion on the existence of sexism and minority group marginalization in American society, the conflicting views that were brought forth in the last weeks. We invite anyone involved in the billboard events to contact us about potentially being a part of that panel. You can email RealPeopleBillboard@gmail.com

We are currently choosing a billboard design for our slogan, and reserving the space for our billboard, which will read, “People of Quality Don’t Fear Equality.”


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