This project and protest would not happen without the help of the following people:

Our Ground Team:
Molly Grace
Allison Beilharz
Chloe Mylet
Peter Wilbur
Kim Porter
Cassandra Bryant
Courtney Belle Branch

Collaborators + Supporters +  Donors + Volunteers
Susan Gregg Koger, founder of ModCloth
Jerry Coopers
Jessica Holcomb 
Tyler Nail, co-founder of Face Paint Magazine
Blakney Bullock
Haydee Thompson
Taylor Wensel
Holly Wilbur
Maclain Bryant (Photography)
Britt Chester (Photography)
James Barber (Photography)
Millicent Greason
Dave Franklin
John Bowhers

Our Event Speakers
Alexx Anderson
Pastor Temblia Covington
Tony Ndege
Ellie Wood

With Cooperation + Help From
The Winston-Salem Police Department + Bike Patrol
The City of Winston-Salem Department of Community Development (and Others)
The Downtown Partnership